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* Covid-testing is currently not available at our practice*

We offer a wide range of private blood tests, with quick delivery of results by phone or email.

Blood tests are usually be performed the same day by our experienced nurses.

Our doctors will advise you on what blood test is best for you during your appointment.

All our tests are couriered and hand delivered to The Doctors Laboratory, the largest quality accredited independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.

Please note: The cost for the testing is addition to a standard consultation fee. A follow up appointment (consultation/email/telephone) is required for delivery of your results and will be charged in advance.


General Well Person profile:  £190

Includes full blood account, glucose test, cholesterol test, iron levels, ESR and thyroid testing.

Well Man Profile: £220

General well person profile and also includes Free and Total PSA levels.

Well Person Profile: £230

General well person profile and also includes vitamin D levels.

Full blood count: £60

Complete blood count measures the number of cell types in your body. A good indicator of anaemia, infection and blood clotting

Thyroid function test: £95.25

Measures the level of thyroid hormones. We have 3 tests available, the test needed depends on your symptoms and condition.

Liver function test: £69

A measurement of enzymes and proteins that the liver produces to measure overall liver health.

Genetic testing: unfortunately we do not provide genetic testing at our practice

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