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Your NHS records are not accessible to anyone outside of the NHS, and likewise, our private medical records cannot be accessed by NHS services. We are only allowed to share your data with your consent, or only in exceptional circumstances (if your health/wellbeing was at risk).
Being registered with both a private and an NHS GP simultaneously, can lead to greater healthcare choices. If you decide you predominantly or exclusively wish to use the private GP service provided by Your Private GP Service, we would still encourage you to remain registered with your NHS GP. This enables you to decide who you would like to see at any given time, or for any particular medical condition.
We encourage patients to prebook longer appointments if they feel they need more than 20 minutes to discuss their health concerns.  If, during your consultation, the doctor anticipates more time is required to deal with your concerns properly, we will endeavour to make this available to you at the time, or they may re-book you for an additional consultation at a later date. Please note, longer consultations will be charged as per our Appointment Fees schedule.
All patients must pay for services provided at the end of their appointment. All patients are provided an itemised invoice/receipt after their consultation which may be used to reclaim expenses against your health insurance provider should your policy cover private GP appointments (we recommend you check with your health insurance provider before being seen).  
We are not able to refer to NHS consultants.  Our GP service has access to an extensive, trusted network of private consultants at the hospitals we are based at and can also refer you to any private consultant specialist of your choice in the UK.
No, there is no longer any need to fast before having a cholesterol blood test. However, in situations where a repeat cholesterol test is necessary, if an initial result has been borderline, fasting may be advised.
A smear test should be performed roughly in the middle of your monthly cycle; at least a week after your last period and at least a week before your next period is due.
We can easily request investigations to the in-house radiology department of any UK private hospital you chose.

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