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Who cares…

Your Private GP Service was launched at Clock House Healthcare, a small private hospital, in January 2015. In May 2017 the service moved to Ashtead Hospital nearby. In September 2017 the service opened a second site at New Victoria Hospital, Kingston.

Dr Nadia Oozeerally and Dr Catherine Aboud are from the original founder partners. Both are experienced local GPs who met whilst on the GP training scheme at Epsom General Hospital in 2005, they became good friends and decided to start up the first private GP service in Epsom 10 years later.

They have been asked why? Dr Catherine Aboud responds on behalf of the team:

Both of us have worked in the NHS and continue to do so. The NHS is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best health services by the Commonwealth Fund. It was there for me when I was born, and for my children when they were born, and I’m confident it will be there for all of us, now and in the future.

However, 2015 heralded a rocky start for general practice in England. The Royal College of General Practitioners announced in January: “It is a cause of national concern that patients are finding it so difficult to get a GP appointment…….We are really alarmed that the numbers of patients waiting a week or more has risen again and is now at an all time high.“

As healthcare professionals we are looking after an ever growing and ageing population. GPs are seeing 90% of all patient contacts within the NHS, yet the share of the budget general practice is receiving is at an all time low of 8.3%. Some family doctors are seeing 40 to 60 patients a day. The personal touch, the continuity of care and the understanding of the patient as an individual is difficult to attain in this environment.

The answer to the question “Who Cares?“, is that “We all do, we all must”. The challenge is delivering effective and timely care, within our current constraints.

Where does Your Private GP Service Come in?

Our aim is to practice modern medicine with traditional values. We offer same day appointments with flexible times and durations six days a week. Opening times are from early until late. Home visits are provided. Patients are welcome to see the same GP and to discuss multiple concerns in one appointment.

Located at Ashtead Hospital with free patient parking, we are able to offer our patients a comprehensive on-site service which includes blood tests, ECGs, Xrays, ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs if required.

We provide a service which can be tailor made to suit the individual. And by so doing, we trust we can complement the NHS by relieving it of some of it’s stresses.

We feel we are providing an additional and alternative healthcare option to the people of Ashtead and the surrounding area. The aim is for great care with the added benefits of convenience, choice and time.

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